HSC Healthcare Group

HSC Healthcare Group's inception started with the opening of HSC Medical Center. With the success of the flagship medical centre, the Group has widened our vision to pursue health and wellness beyond clinical care.

Today we are an internationally respected healthcare group in Malaysia with operations stretching across the entire wellness chain. With our Headquarter at Menara HSC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; to date, HSC Healthcare Group has grown approximately 300 employees of qualified professionals who participate continuously in educational and development programmes. We embrace a strong bond of HSC Family and a rich cultural diversity with our staff from different parts of the world.


Founder's Message

We promote health as the foundation of happiness as we promote growth through medical innovation and medical excellence. Dedicated to innovation, we are always continuously evolving our healthcare services which include utilizing the latest top notch medical technology and devices in the region. This results in impressive medical accuracy and efficiencies. Committed to medical excellence, our guiding philosophy revolves around a patient-centered approach where we place our patients' wellness at the top of our priorities. Our success is owed to our people and the enthusiasm of our employees has given our organization a strong energy and confidence to meet future challenges. Our journey does not stop here. We are moving towards positioning our organization as a leading world-class healthcare provider in Asia.

Dr. Soo Chee Siong
Founder of HSC Healthcare Group

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